1,000 - Cindy

December 14,2017

One thousand. What dose that mean to you? 

A number? 

A word? 

A picture that lasts 1,000 words? 

..... Then.... I guess that is it. Only really a few things that it could mean.  

What it means to us, Courtney and I is that.... we currently have a little over a thousand listens on CastBox, I know that there is more sites we are on, but CastBox is where our home started. Where it all came together. CastBox allowed us to post our podcast. Although we are on so many more, CastBox has been our home.  

What it means to us, Courtney and I is that.... we have currently a little over a thousand listens, of people of all races and shape and size that believe we are worth their time. Worth listening to. Worth spending the commute to work. Worth work hours. Worth free time to listen to us. To listen to us laugh, talk, listen, cry, and most of all release our inner self. How is it that we did this, we couldn’t have done it without you. Without everyone who is listening, we would have stopped or given up. Now it is different, there isn’t a choice, I mean quitting for us has never been a choice, or even an option. This journey has been nothing, but wonderful. It made us happy, it has made me extremely excited. At first it was just a huge joke. A dream not ever thought would come to light. Guess what a month and a half later, we have 1000 listens and no intentions of stopping! Without you, the listeners, we wouldn’t have made it this far. So thank you. Thank you for bring us in to our lives. Thank you for being there for us. 


11.14.2017   10:28PM

Ughh, I Feel like death....

So We finally got our website up. It took a while. I have been lazy and today I am now done. I feel like our website is pretty plain. I wish that there was some way I can make it look better. Oh well, I guess this will do for now.

So what? Tomorrow... Well I guess in a few hours the new podcast will be out. I'm excited. I love doing the podcast. I don't care who is listening, this has been amazing. Everything with it. Amazing. The amount of love we gotten from our friends is AMAZAING. Haha it has has been nothing, but wonderful. I'm glad I have a friend like Courtney. She has been nothing but great. She has to put up with my shit the most. I have been more than bossy and here she is like understanding me and shit, and going with things and when things needed to be addressed, she isn't scared to address it. She is a blessing I can't even handle her. I love her.

That stupid bitch got me sick though... I hope I don't lose my voice by Saturday.  Fingers cross.\

Stay stonge



10.24.2017  10:09 PM


I don't know what I am doing. I'm currently in my room watching youtube trying to fix up the website. I wanted to add a blog in the website so that you can follow along with what has been going on with each of us. 

This is my stuff. I'm super nervous. I'm nervous for this podcast. I am nervous to release this podcast tonight. I am waiting for midnight. I'm waiting to be able to upload. I even set up an alarm. It is suppose to go off at 11:45. Eeek. I myself am super excited. 

This podcast is our baby. It is something that we have invested so much of our time into. This is all coming to light and I CAN not wait to see where this is taking us. 


Stay stong