11.14.2017   10:28PM

Ughh, I Feel like death....

So We finally got our website up. It took a while. I have been lazy and today I am now done. I feel like our website is pretty plain. I wish that there was some way I can make it look better. Oh well, I guess this will do for now.

So what? Tomorrow... Well I guess in a few hours the new podcast will be out. I'm excited. I love doing the podcast. I don't care who is listening, this has been amazing. Everything with it. Amazing. The amount of love we gotten from our friends is AMAZAING. Haha it has has been nothing, but wonderful. I'm glad I have a friend like Courtney. She has been nothing but great. She has to put up with my shit the most. I have been more than bossy and here she is like understanding me and shit, and going with things and when things needed to be addressed, she isn't scared to address it. She is a blessing I can't even handle her. I love her.

That stupid bitch got me sick though... I hope I don't lose my voice by Saturday.  Fingers cross.\

Stay stonge